GMG Transportation utilizes technology to facilitate sourcing your transportation. Utilizing programs specifically designed for bids by the carriers, we communicate with the carriers in their own language and provide them with information that enables them to make serious decisions on your freight costs. We handle the process from beginning to end.

What are your objectives for your bid?

How will your company implement the results of the bid? Company compliance?

What are your freight characteristics?

How much data can you provide?


Carrier evaluation process.

We help you to select the right mix of carriers.

We conduct all rate comparisons, evaluation of carrier responses to questionnaires, review all operational criteria and services.

GMG Transportation checks all references.

GMG Transportation will negotiate with all carriers.

Our staff has extensive knowledge of the carrier costing systems, line-haul operation, peddle run analysis, head haul and back haul lanes. Our experience working for the LTL carriers gives our customers a competitive edge. We know what the carriers need to make a decision that will work. The last thing you want is a carrier to submit pricing and then decide to walk away after several months due to poor operating ratios.

GMG Transportortation is also a member of SMC3. This group is made up of pricing executives of many national and regional carriers.