Your freight occupies space on a trailer; therefore, it is vitally important that your freight weight is true and accurate. Your freight weight determines your rate and overall density. Carriers can only legally carry a specific amount of weight depending on the size of the trailer or truck. Over-weight trucks are not only subject to fines and violations, they cause a very serious danger on the roads.

Weight limits are set for safety of our roads, bridges and tunnels. Shippers who do not accurately declare their weights are also subject to reweigh charges. Weight and Inspection programs are active with all carriers. This process can delay your shipment to your valued customer. The carriers have the right to open and inspect the cargo, and in the process could compromise your original packaging.

Your shipments should be weighed as they are being tendered to the carrier including pallets, shrink wrap, etc. Declare actual weight, not rounded off figures.

If you need assistance in how to determine accurate weight declaration, we can help. Please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-888-826-4321.